Rocky Mountain Bull Elk Hunt of 2020

This year's elk hunting produced a number of once in a lifetime hunting experiences.  We shared the mountain and successes with first time clients and long-time return clients.   We fulfilled some lifelong dreams this season, some that took years to accomplish.  We, again, tagged many high level Wyoming trophies.  Some of the bulls killed this year were our individual client's best trophies to date.  There was an archery bull that scored in the high 320’s and a rifle bull that was high 340’s to mention a couple.  Our first rifle elk hunts were 100 percent shots fired.  We would have been 100 percent kill but two bulls were wounded and not recovered (and not from a lack of effort).   The end of the season had a hunt with a supper low harvest rate due to missed shots/opportunities and wounded bulls getting away, combined with a full moon and high 60’s mid day temperatures.  Start to finish our NTO staff gave it all to help our clients achieve the goals they came with.  Western Wyoming’s elk hunting remains one of the last strongholds of general elk hunting left in the west.  It’s a guarantee this hunt will likely take you out of your comfort zone (rugged mountains in God’s country has a way of doing that).  I believe the adventure and challenge we experience on these hunts is part of what brings enormous value to the NTO experience.  We don’t take for granted one day of western Wyoming elk hunting!