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Category: Spring Black Bear

You haven’t seen beautiful until you’ve seen springtime in the Rockies, especially while hunting black bears! We hunt our bears over bait and spot & stalk. 98% of the bears we take are color phase (mostly brown and cinnamon). Tags for black bear are buy over the counter. The season runs from May 1st until mid June.

The preparation for a bear season for Non-Typical Outfitters begins long before our first bear hunter arrives. We pay attention to sign and tracks in the fall as well as taking summer trips into potential new bear areas to insure the highest possible success for each and every hunter. We also make a large effort to stay up to date on new and improved bear hunting and baiting techniques.

Bear hunting in western Wyoming allows for sightseeing and other adventures in addition to the hunt. Come prepared to experience the Bridger-Teton National Forest land as well as hunt bears.