Spring Black Bear

You haven’t seen beautiful until you’ve seen springtime in the Rockies.  Wyoming spring Bear hunting is the perfect opportunity to see God’s beauty on a whole new scale, with plenty of adventure, challenge, and purpose. You will find high adventure river crossings, mountain climbs along with epic mountain views in backcountry camps, all done with horse and pack animals.

We hunt our bears spot and stalk as well as over bait.  98% of the bears we hunt are color phase (mostly brown and cinnamon).  This black bear hunt is a world class hunt with a true opportunity to kill a 7 foot color phase giant.  This hunt will test and build new shooting skills like few other hunts on the planet can offer.  Shots range from 300-600 yards in rough mountainous terrain.

This hunt is not the normal spring black bear hunt.  This hunt also includes our NTO shooting class.  You will have daily opportunities to test your shooting skills on steel at ranges of 300-900 yards with personal instruction.  There is no other hunt on the planet that gives this same opportunity to develop or hone your personal shooting skills on steel and then test those skills in real life hunting experiences on the mountain.   

This highly successful hunt is for everyone regardless of experience! We very successfully take husbands and wives, children and family, first time hunters, seasoned experienced hardcore hunters and many hunters in their 70’s. This hunt has also been used to train some of our countries top special forces units. Our job is to tailor this hunt to your personal desires and needs.