Rocky Mountain Bull Elk Hunt of 2014

Our 2014 elk season was arguably the best elk year we’ve had to date. Although mother nature did not cooperate with the weather, we were still able to harvest a tremendous lineup of bulls. Our continued high bull-to-cow ratio is proving to be a great asset to our hunts. We have some of the best general season hunting in Wyoming currently.

Our archery hunt was “off the chart” successful. The biggest archery bull that we took scored right around 310″. We were 100% for arrows flung. Multiple arrows were fired at bulls 300″ to 330″. One of our clients stated after his hunt that, “In 20 years of archery hunting, I have never even heard of elk hunting this good!”

This year, we conducted our second Long Range Hunting group hunt with Len and Andy Backus, owners of If you are interested in reading a 2014 elk season hunt review, it doesn’t get much better than this: Long Range Hunting & Non-Typical Outfitters’ 2014 Group Elk Hunt Report, by Andy Backus

"It was an absolute blast hanging out in camp in the evenings swapping stories of the previous day’s hunts and waiting for late arrivals to find out if they were late because they had gotten their bull. Every evening a bull or two came in and we got to relive the hunt with the hunters and guides."

We are also going to be adding a new elk hunt next year. It will be a 1-on-1 hunt only and will be conducted in some of the most rugged terrain that we have. We have taken our biggest bulls in years past in these areas. The largest was a 370″ bull. The hunt will be the last week of October. We will be hunting bulls that were located during preseason scouting or while hunting mule deer earlier in the year. The goal for this hunt will be a 300″ bull or better. Give us a call for more details about this new hunt.