Rocky Mountain Bull Elk Hunt of 2016

Our 2016 Rocky Mountain Elk Hunt was one of our best to date. We had a very high harvest rate on most hunts. We had the ability to show most of our hunters many, many bulls. Some of the bulls were as big as they get for western Wyoming. Even the hunts where we did not punch everyone’s tag were still very successful. Some hunters passed 6 point bulls because they were seeing bigger ones. We had opportunities on and killed several bulls over 300 inches. Some were considerably over the 300 inch mark. We had weather from hot, dry and dusty, to 19 inches of snow on the ground at our camp with everything in between. Did I mention rain? We had a bunch of RAIN. I have never seen it rain so much! Or should I say, I’ve never seen so much MUD!!!

One of the themes for this year’s Rocky Mountain Elk Hunt was believing in success until it happened. At the beginning of our archery elk hunts things were slow. We were fighting for every opportunity. By the last day of the archery hunt, you could not beat the bulls away with a stick! We killed some great archery bulls and had a couple of close calls (one at 15 yards with a 340 plus bull). There were so many bulls to chase and our hunting area maintains its super high bull-to-cow ratio.

Rifle season had some weather that we all dream of: deep snow. Often with Elk hunting, the worse the weather the better the elk hunting. The success was huge during and shortly after the snow storms. We had some first time hunters kill their first elk with us; one was his first animal ever (way to go Ricardo). Overall we took some tremendous trophies.

Some hunts seemed easy, others we had hunters wondering why the luck was not rolling for them. All of the hunts we gave a 110% effort for the success of our clients. Often, the physical ability, shooting abilities and the ability to stay focused and positive played a huge role in the downing of an animal. Sometimes you can do everything right, with the best attitude and the weather, fog, snow, rain or heat can limit those opportunities. I guess it is the unknown, the adventure, or the fact that we have to fight for a trophy in the wilds of Wyoming. That is why I continue to love what I do so much. If hunting was a guarantee, or I had to hunt from a wheeler, or truck, or you had to lift the fence to drive in before hunting, it would not satisfy my warrior spirit, or my appetite for adventure. I like fighting through the weather and other challenges the mountain throws at us. I remain humbly respectful of God’s gift of wilderness hunting.

This hunt is not for everyone either. But, when it all comes together, you will have something to be proud of, regardless of what the measuring tape says. You also will have the best meat on the planet, the true, mountain raised, organic meat God intended us to eat. You will be getting that meat in the way He intended us to get it, also. Our hunts are in a general elk area. For a general elk area, you won’t find a better opportunity or a better outfitter who cares more about you and your success.

We are having a challenging winter in western Wyoming. Elk are affected minimally by the winter as compared to the mule deer. Some of our elk migrate to state funded WY Game and Fish feed grounds and will see no impact at all. Other areas, the elk migrate to winter grounds. These elk will have some impact from our hard winter this year, but it should not be enough to affect quality elk hunting.