Rocky Mountain Bull Elk Hunt of 2018

Non-Typical Outfitters’ elk hunt continues to be one of the best general season bull elk hunt in Wyoming. We had a very High success rate again for the 2018 season. We took some tremendous bulls for this area. We provided many lifelong memories. You can’t ride around in this western Wyoming country, God’s Country, and not be amazed by its magic. The hunting we get to experience on a yearly basis is truly an unbelievable privilege. The wild, rugged, majestic scenery, rich with elk, sends our hunters home with unmatched memories. Western Wyoming is the last stronghold of really good, wild, wilderness public land hunting. This is one of the last truly authentic elk hunting experiences left in the western states.

We started the bull elk hunt season off in September – big bugling bulls. We have some of the best archery elk hunting in Wyoming. The best opportunity to kill our biggest bulls is with a bow and the right hunter. A big bull elk hunt in rugged, mountainous terrain is not easy. You are going to be tested. But if you like a challenge packed with adventure, and bugling bulls, this hunt is for you. We have had several seasoned archery clients tell us, “We have never even heard of archery elk hunting being this good.” We have also had some world class archery guides join our team recently. These guys eat, sleep and breathe archery hunting. When you have a tattoo of an arrow on your bicep, that should tell you something. If you are interested an archery adventure, give us a ring and I can tell you more.

Our rifle bull elk hunt was awesome too! Here are some words from one of this year’s elk hunters:

Had an absolutely fantastic hunt with Robb Wiley, Jacob, Nathaniel, Courtney, Sarah, and the rest of the team! It was my first ever guided hunt and I had expectations and hopes. This hunt far exceeded even my greatest hopes. They made me feel part of the family and took me back to my teenage years when I used to hunt like this. They have fantastic stock. I rode a different horse each day and would have taken any of them home with me. Definitely one of the top 3 hunts of my life. Taking a beautiful, very old bull was just the cherry on top.

Our rifle hunts were very consistent and produced high opportunity and harvest rates. We shared hunts with old friends and made new friends. A successful bull elk hunt does not always come easy, we earned our success the old fashioned way, we believed in it until we had it. I don’t believe there is a guide staff around who cares more about, or is willing to work harder for the personal success of each and every client. We may not send every client home with a 300 inch or better bull, but it’s certainly not from a lack of effort, or a lack of elk. We will be posting up more client stories and testimonials in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that.

We had several clients who took our shooting class before their 2018 hunts. Choosing to take the class either in the summer, or even right before the bull elk hunt, paid big in the success department for these guys. Check out the testimonial page for these hunters’ own words. I cannot stress enough the importance and the Huge value of taking the shooting class before your hunt.

We have limited spots available for 2019. Call us if you are interested.