Rocky Mountain Bull Elk Hunt of 2019

The 2019 elk season proved again that western Wyoming is one the last strongholds of general elk hunting in the west.  We had a super high success rate on kills and shot opportunity.  2019 also had a high percentage of return clients.  Returning, satisfied clients is one of NTO’s #1 goals with every hunt we conduct.  We want you to feel like family.  We want to partner with you to achieve your personal goals and dreams.  We have plenty of adventure and challenge to share with return and new clients alike.  There is also great purpose in this hunting experience.  It’s likely we will take you out of your comfort zone (rugged mountains in God’s country has a way of doing that).  I believe that adventure and challenge with a purpose is what brings enormous value to the NTO experience. 


We started the season off with bulging bulls on the archery hunt.  Archery, once again, was extremely challenging.  It’s one thing to see the bull of your dreams, it’s another to keep your composure long enough to see it all come together with a kill.  Our hunters and guides laid it all on the mountain going after their personal goals and dreams.  Arrows were shot, bulls were hit,  dozens of bulls in range were passed, with no archery elk being packed out.  Every archery client left successful.  No hunt can be judged by the cutting of a tag alone.  If you are an archery elk hunter who likes to be tested mentally and physically, with an opportunity to chase NTO’s best bulls, come on!  If adventure and challenge with a purpose is what you seek, even if that’s your first time archery kill, come on!  We have an archery guide staff ready to lay it all on the mountain with you. 


This year’s rifle elk hunt was one of the most successful seasons to date.  We started off the season with a limited quota rifle bull elk hunt with bugling bulls.  Like our archery hunt, this hunt gives us the best opportunity at the biggest herd bulls in the unit.  We connected on a great bull on this limited quota hunt, and that started our rifle season off right! This limited quota hunt requires 6-7 elk points.  


The general hunt started off with a *bang* at first light, on the opener, as we took one of the best bulls of NTO’s career.  We weren’t too early, we weren’t too late, we were just on time… just like God works in our lives.  The season continued with some of western Wyoming’s best general season bulls getting packed out.  Almost every single client fired his weapon at a bull.  We had snow and cold that aided the hunt greatly.  Wyoming experienced the coldest October temperatures ever recorded in history.  We had -15 F at our elk camp, Brrrr!!!  Generally, with elk hunting, the worse the weather, the better the hunting.  We are booked for the 2020 season.  Contact us for details about 2021 and beyond.