Do you have an undeniable calling to the mountains? Do you have a deep call of the wild in
your heart and want to make an authentic living in God’s country? If adventure and challenge
with a purpose speaks to your soul and you like being tested physically and mentally and have
a longing to hunt world class trophy mule deer and elk in rugged mountainous terrain with
horses, then we want to talk with you. If joining a team and becoming part of something bigger
than just hunting interests you, if you truly love the outfitting profession and have had the
courage to follow your dreams, we need to talk. If you are a giant killer and want to hang out
with other giant killers, we really want you.


Our mission here at Non-Typical Outfitters is to elevate clients, guides and staff to their fullest
potential, all the while helping them realize the dreams of their hearts. The skills that our staff
have developed and refined here are: client relationships, killing giants, backcountry
horsemanship, setting up the shot, and trophy care among other things. These skills have
propelled them to be leaders in the industry, world changers. Many of our staff members are
guiding around the globe in high level positions. Some are Outfitters in other states. If you can
succeed here in western Wyoming, you will flourish in whatever career path you take. We want
to help YOU reach your full potential.



If you are a current professional guide looking to join our team we would be honored to talk
with you. Please give us an opportunity to get to know you. We are always looking for skilled
professional guides to join the team/brotherhood.
Here at Non-Typical Outfitters we understand the value of highly skilled guides and we pay
accordingly. We have teamed up with another company to help our valued team members stay
employed year around. We have guides currently working with this collaboration making $200-
$500 a day when they are not guiding. This is a huge game changer that can enable you to
follow your guiding dreams. The wages that we can offer with this collaboration can double or
triple the industry standard for yearly income for guides. We would love to see if NTO aligns
with your dreams.

Cooks/Camp Jacks/Jills

We are also interested in meeting cooks and camp jacks/jills. Several of our current cooks
have changed client’s and guide’s lives with the excellence that they brought to their Wyoming
experience. Our cooks are just as valued as guides. Often the cook and kitchen staff project
the atmosphere for the entire camp. NTO’s cooks are world changers! If your passion is
cooking, we would love to meet you! If your heart of service thrives in the mountains and in
camp life, we would love to have you join our team as a camp jack/jill. Cooks and camp jacks/
jills can be young or old. It is a great position for a retired couple or young people who want to
make an authentic living in God’s country.


Please send us your resume and include lots of pictures of you and your experience.