Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt of 2011

The 2011 season was a good mule deer year at Non-Typical Outfitters. The theme of the year was very hard work for every opportunity we got. There were no "give me's" this year. We definitely saw some impact from our brutal winter. Our harvest rate was down from 2010, but we still took some great trophies and had a tremendous amount of fun with clients and staff. We started the season with knowledge of bigger deer than probably any other season to date, but there were not a lot of them. We had to scout and hunt more areas than normal as the numbers of age class deer were down. As a result of that scouting we were able to locate a deer that fit in as one of the living legends of Wyoming. He is one of the largest non-typical mule deer to ever be harvested out of this unit or out of Wyoming. We named him "Magnum". Check out our blog for pictures and videos of him.

We fought hard to send our clients home with the bucks that we had located during scouting and spotted during the season. We had clients that got shots at some hammer deer from scouting, but unfortunately, did not connect. Check out our scouting gallery for pictures of some of the monster bucks that we had located. We will have an eye on them for next year.