Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt of 2013

The 2013 trophy mule deer season was one for the record books, no doubt! Non-typical Outfitters proved itself, again, to be Wyoming's top trophy mule deer outfitter. We killed a 240, 228, 198, and 197 to name a few. We had opportunities at multiple other bucks over the mid 190s and a couple over 200. I would say that our harvest rate for the year was down compared to 2012, 2011 and 2010. However, given the harsh winters in years past, we knew that the overall buck numbers were going to be a little lower. We were still able to take many other deer that were awesome trophies. Check out our 2013 Mule Deer photo gallery for a sample of those.
Our scouting and pre-season work were absolutely essential again. In the Harvest Gallery you can find the giant, just under 200 inch typical that we have photographed for years and harvested in 2013 and another buck we named "Rock Star", a 228 inch western Wyoming giant. Six of our hunters were able to hunt for "Rock Star" before we killed him. The second largest buck of our career that we named "007" was not on the scouting report. This buck is proof of the opportunity that each hunter that enters the mountains of western Wyoming with a never quit, hunt hard attitude has. Although we did not have this buck on our scouting report, we may have shot at him in years past (he had a perfect old bullet hole in his ear). This buck lived in a huge timber patch right under our nose.