Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt of 2014

For the last couple of years, we have been able to say, “This mule deer hunting season was our best year to date.” Well, we did it again! I didn’t think that it was possible, but in 2014 we set the bar even higher, due to our world class staff and our ability to work together as a team. Preseason scouting, was once again, also, very essential to our success.

In 2014 we harvested a buck that we had been chasing for four years, named “Snag.” He was no doubt a direct relative of “Magnum.” Check out the “Snag” post for the full story on this amazing deer. Another deer that we harvested this year was dubbed “Stickers”. He has a 3×3 mainframe with a matching forked cheater on each side. He is 36 1/2″ wide. Check out the scouting gallery for the line up of pre-scouted mule deer that our hunters started the season with this year.

One factor that has been playing a gigantic role in our success is our increased ability to set up our hunters for the perfect shot. One of the limiting factors to taking these trophy deer home, is our hunters’ ability to connect on their shots in rough terrain and in a short amount of time. Our staff is well versed at setting up each shot for the maximum chance of success. We are now offering shooting classes. This class could be your most important step to a successful hunt. Check out our shooting page for more information.

Rainfall in August broke all records in Wyoming this year. The fall feed and winter ground nutrients were better than they have ever looked. We can expect to see some giant bucks coming out of western Wyoming in the next couple of years. If you don’t have your hunt booked with us yet, you had better give us a call!