Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt of 2015


The 2015 season had the perfect start for our Mule Deer herd, early spring melt and loads of early rainfall. Combined with a mild winter, the deer had the perfect storm of conditions for optimal antler growth. We located and hunted some real giants among the deer herd again in 2015… 240, 230, 220 and many 195-200 inch trophies. We do not judge success by the score of our deer, we use it as a reference to the quality of animals western Wyoming produces.

We had the opportunity to chase another over 40 inch wide Wyoming legend. We had two solid opportunities at the giant. One at less than 100 yards bedded in the fog, the other opportunity at longer range, in fading light. I cannot stress enough the importance of having your shooting system dialed. A couple of mistakes allowed the 40 inch giant to live another day. Read more in our Shooting Classes page to find out if you’re ready to hunt 40 inch GIANTS!!!

In 2015 we killed a buck we have been chasing for several years named “Crowbar.” He is 39 inches wide and officially scores 206 SCI. Crowbar’s story is full of adventure and has lessons to be learned tactically about shooting. Check out Crowbar’s story, there is something to be learned for everyone.

We killed several other non-typical beauties ranging from 212 to the mid-180s. We also dropped some dandy typical bucks – 191 and 193 to mention a couple. Overall, we had a great year harvesting our deer herd. Some of the hunt weeks we had to work our butts off for every opportunity. Some hunters left without a shot fired, some shots were missed, but not tagging out was not from a lack of effort. How mentally and physically prepared our hunters are when they show up plays a huge role in our success. BEING IN THE BEST SHAPE AND SHOOTING PROFICIENCY POSSIBLE IS IMPERATIVE TO SUCCESS!!! It’s important to bring your “Big Boy Britches” for this hunt.

One factor that has been playing a gigantic role in our success is our increased ability to set up our hunters for the perfect shot. One of the limiting factors to taking these trophy deer home, is our hunters’ ability to connect on their shots in rough terrain and in a short amount of time. Our staff is well versed at setting up each shot for the maximum chance of success. We are now offering shooting classes. This class could be your most important step to a successful hunt. Check out our shooting page for more information.

Mule Deer hunting the mountains of western Wyoming is the pinnacle challenge of western hunting. It will stress you physically, mentally and test your shooting skills like few other hunts on earth. The reward of this hunt is in the gift of hunting this deer herd with horses in some of the most breath taking, high, alpine country God ever created, while hunting one of the most majestic and challenging animals to consistently kill in north America. This hunt is not for everyone. You have to come to Wyoming willing to earn a trophy animal. You had better come prepared to be tested. There is no guarantee of a kill, just a guarantee of hunting as hard as you can in a place that grows some of the most spectacular mule deer on the planet, with the outfitter who consistently kills giant bucks every year. Our harvest rate is one of the highest in the industry on true, trophy, mule deer. Ninety percent of the giant trophies get killed by 10 percent of the hunters. Come join the 10 percent crowd at Non Typical Outfitters.