Mule Deer Season of 2019

The 2019 mule deer mule deer season was an epic blend of first time clients, return clients, and guides fulfilling their dreams.  Some got the buck of their dreams, others had opportunities, all had a world class western Wyoming hunting experience.  Lives where changed on these hunts and life-long goals were fulfilled!  Every NTO hunt is filled up with adventure, challenge and purpose.  I believe many of the adventures and challenges we face on our mule deer hunts are, in the end, what give tremendous value to this experience.  It also helps us answer a very important “WHY”, why do we hunt?  What are we looking for on the mountain that we cannot find anywhere else in our lives?  Why do we love so much to be tested in these rugged mountains? 


A major highlight to the 2019 mule deer season was closing the chapter on a tremendous buck named Elkhorn.  Many of our clients and guides had the adventure, challenge and experience of chasing this magnificent buck over a 4 year timeframe.  NTO had the honor of sharing the “Elkhorn experience” with first time clients and return clients alike over the years.  The timing of killing this buck was perfect.  It wasn’t too early, it wasn’t too late, it was perfect timing.  Killing this buck was way more than just killing a Wyoming giant over 200 inches.  This buck’s story perfectly answers the “WHY”?  I look forward to telling the entire Elkhorn story in our up coming blog.  Our blog page will be added very soon!


Several of our successful 2019 mule deer clients went through our shooting class.  These were world class hunters.  Many of them commented after their hunts, “The skills and techniques I learned in your class played a vital role in my personal success.”  This class is something that every NTO hunter should seriously consider. 


The tremendous pictures that fill this page represent a lot of blood sweat and tears from our guides and clients alike. Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Many lives where changed by these experiences.  We had the opportunity to share this authentic world class mule deer hunt with some truly amazing people, THANK YOU!  I am also not shy about thanking God for showing up and changing lives, like He always does!  We are looking forward to the coming years filled with return and new clients, eager to experience the adventures and challenges to come!