Mule Deer Season of 2020

The 2020 mule deer season was successful, but challenging.  The success came because our clients and guides hunted their guts out.  Some laid it all on the mountain without a punched tag, others took the buck of their dreams home, all were successful.  Smoke and well above average daytime temperatures played out all season.  Our glassing and visibility was extremely limited due to the fires that were raging on the west coast.  Regardless of these challenges we never gave up.  Here at NTO we have a common theme, we believe in success long enough that it happens, we will never give up.  One guarantee that comes with hunting western Wyoming is that it’s going to test and challenge you mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Regardless of those challenges, here at NTO we wake up everyday thankful and appreciative of God’s gifts.  These Incredible gifts change lives and create life long memories.  We don’t take the privilege of hunting one of the west's top mule deer herds granted.  This truly is one of the last strongholds of mule deer hunting of it's kind.