RJ'S Testimonial

Robb, Brenda and All,Home safely and have had time to reflect on the hunt in Wyoming. What a great 4 days spent in some majestic country. I came home with a trophy of a lifetime and this doesn’t happen on every hunt that you go on. That’s what makes big mule deer so special to me. You can buy a hunt and kill a big elk almost 100% of the time; not true for big deer.I know James felt bad about the first day we encountered this buck and we didn’t get him killed. I am so thankful we didn’t. That second day was so special. James found the buck and got us back around the hill and set up. The 1½-hour wait for the buck to stand up gave me time to check parallax many times, knob settings to make sure they were right, rifle cant and many more things to try to get my part done right. The anticipation for that length of time was exciting. It all added to the total experience and made it enjoyable for me. Great time. I hope Seth and Richard were able to connect on a trophy as well. Pete could have killed a 4 point on the way out of camp but declined.Hope the elk hunt was successful and safe. I will be in touch. Thanks again.R.J.


  Proverbs 21:31 "The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD.

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