Wyoming Bighorn Sheep Hunts



Sheep hunting is one of the true passions of Non-Typical Outfitters. We are committed to the 100% success of your bighorn sheep hunt. We will spend countless days in the field before the season scouting for your hunt. We’ll have pictures of the rams that we will be after prior to the season. Non-Typical Outfitters realizes that your hunt is once in a lifetime. We are more committed to the success of your hunt than any other outfitter in Wyoming.

Our hunts are 10 days long. The value of this hunt is in the time that we spend scouting before the season. Our goal is to find the best ram in the unit. Robb will be personally involved in all sheep hunts. Non-Typical Outfitters’ guides are extremely accomplished alpine hunters; proven by their continued success hunting high mountain bighorn sheep and mule deer. Many of our successful mule deer hunters have proclaimed, “This has been a sheep hunt for mule deer.”

Bighorn Sheep hunts take place out of a spike camp. The hunt is a backpack style hunt with the aid of horses to get us to the top of the mountain. There are two guides per hunter for sheep hunts and we will be carrying the best optics that money can buy. Included in the hunts are meals, accommodations, transportation and field care of your trophy.

The 2008 season was a great success for Non-typical Outfitters with the harvest of a ram that officially scored 171 SCI (see Safari Club International for more information on the SCI scoring system). Take a look at our pictures of Gregg’s ram months before and after harvest.















The 2009 season, Robb teamed up with another outfitter to help guide a sheep hunt for a long time client who drew a Wyoming tag. Long before the season started, we set a goal for the biggest ram in the unit. We located over 50 rams and before the season settled on (without question) the largest ram in the unit and possibly one of the best rams in Wyoming. Unfortunately the ram was shot and wounded on opening morning. We were unable to recover the ram after 10 days of searching due to the extremely large patches of black timber in the area. Although the hunt was a success in many ways, we were all very disappointed at being unable to recover such a great ram for a good friend and client.

In 2010 the only sheep hunting that was done was a personal sheep hunt for Robb. He killed a 164″ rocky mountain bighorn ram.

Give a call or email us for more information on areas and draw odds for Wyoming Bighorn Sheep.