Non-Typical Mule Deer

Wyoming Mule Deer

Western Wyoming Mule Deer are the top trophy mule deer herds in the country. We have a high buck-to-doe ratio, outstanding genetics and the age class necessary for trophy quality deer. This herd has produced Wyoming’s best mule deer bucks such as Popeye, Morty and Goliath; and now Magnum and Snag. Their genetics can still be seen in the herd today. There are more Boone and Crockett entries from Western Wyoming than any other area in the state. This is one of the best areas to hunt for trophy quality mule deer in North America.

Our hunts take place in the high country of western Wyoming from 7,000 to 10,000 feet. Horses give us transport to the high country. From that point we do most of our hunting on foot. Hiking is a must. The terrain in which we hunt mule deer is physically challenging to nearly all hunters. Mule Deer hunting in the Rockies of western Wyoming is the pinnacle challenge of western hunting. It will stress you physically, mentally and test your shooting skills like few other hunts on earth. The reward is in the gift of hunting with horses in some of the most breath taking alpine country God ever created, while hunting one of the most majestic and challenging trophy animals of North America.

NOTE: We are currently booking Wyoming Mule Deer Hunts for 2024.

This Wyoming Mule Deer hunt is not for everyone. You must have the desire to earn a trophy animal. You must be prepared to be tested. There is no guarantee of a kill, just a guarantee of hunting as hard as you can in a place that grows some of the most spectacular mule deer on the planet, with an outfitter – Non-Typical Outfitters – that consistently kills giant bucks every year. Our harvest rate is one of the highest in the industry on true, trophy mule deer. Ninety percent of the giant trophies get killed by 10 percent of the hunters. Come join the 10 percent crowd at Non-Typical Outfitters.

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