Guide School

If you have a deep undeniable calling to the wilderness, if you are drawn to adventure and challenge, if you have a deep call of the wild in your heart that is unquenchable, or if you have a warrior spirit that is aching to be released, then this guide school could be for you.  Non-Typical outfitters has created an authentic guide school to develop, grow and train world changers.  We are looking for men and woman who long to hunt world class trophy mule deer and elk in rugged, mountainous terrain with horses.  We are looking for those who want to make an authentic living in God’s Country.  We want to train you to not only become a hunting guide, but to become one of the best hunting guides in the industry.  If you can master the skills necessary to hunt high alpine, mountain mule deer and elk with NTO, you can guide any species in the industry, and go anywhere on the planet successfully.  Our current NTO guide staff has proven this again and again.


We will teach you horsemanship at a level not offered in other classes.  We will teach you pack animal skills with numerous variations: decker saddles, sawbuck saddles as well as highbred pack saddles.  You will learn to use your riding saddle as a pack saddle.  You will learn to use pack bags and manties, lash ropes and sling ropes.  You will become proficient at hobbling, picketing and wilderness stock care.  You will learn horse first aid from a veterinarian. You will also learn many other essential horse skills, like how to shoe horses and mules from a farrier and repair saddles and tack in the field.  You will develop the horsemanship skills to go anywhere on the planet and not just survive, but to thrive with horses and pack animals in wilderness terrain.  You will be taught the same horse and pack animal skills NTO used to teach our country’s Tier 1 Special Forces Units.  You will learn stock riding and packing disciplines that came from decades of packing in our country’s biggest and most rugged wilderness areas in the lower 48, like the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, Montana’s Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness,  Wyoming’s Teton Wilderness and Wind River Wildernesses as well as the rugged western Wyoming mountain ranges.  Non Typical outfitters takes horses into terrain everyday that makes the most seasoned horseman pucker.  If you already know horses, you will learn to take horsemanship to the next level.  Here at Non-Typical Outfitters we have a couple sayings that explain our passion for horses, “We like living a life where a horse Matters…” by Baxter Black.  Also, “You can see what man made from behind a windshield or you can see what God created from the back of a horse.” by CM Russell.  Horses can and will change your life, they will become part of your DNA.  There will be an option for you to train your own Wyoming mustang from the wilds of Wyoming.  Proficiently training a mustang will take your horsemanship to a level not achieved by many guides in the industry.  A Mustang is like a mirror to your soul.


This school will you grow your hunting skills to a level way above average.  There is a reason 90 percent of giant trophies are taken by 10 percent of hunters.  We will teach you the skills necessary to become one of the 10 percent, a true giant killer.  To learn to kill giants you have to hang out and learn from giant killers.  We have proven lethal methods to pass on to the next generation.  We will teach you how to take your optics and locate animals at distances up to 5 miles.  We will fast track your stalking and hunting skills, skills that take the average hunter decades to develop on their own, if they ever learn them at all.  You will learn hunting skills that have been honed for decades, by guides hunting some of the most challenging animals on the planet, developed by some of the most successful and authentic guides in the industry.  You will be taught navigation skills that rival the military.  You will be taught wilderness survival and wilderness medicine.  We will teach you how to communicate in the mountains and much much more to become one of the best.


We will teach you how to become a high level shooter.  Much of Non-Typical Outfitters’ success is in our ability to set up a killing shot for our hunters at high speed, in highly exciting situations.  Many hunters and guides have stories of how the “big ones” got away.  Here at Non-Typical Outfitters we have a super high success rate on the big ones, making sure that they don’t get away.  Hunters are only about 50 percent as successful as shooters under stress or suffering from “buck fever”, as training at the range.  We will train you to be proficient with shooting first.  You first have to be proficient at shooting yourself to train your hunter to be proficient under stress or in a highly excited situation.  No other guide school teaches shooting at the level that Non-Typical Outfitters will teach you. 


You will be taught animal photography, as well as video scouting techniques.  In today’s world if you don’t have a picture or video, it didn’t happen.  Taking good pictures and video is essential to your future success guiding.  


This class is not for everyone, it’s extremely challenging.  You must have an appetite for adventure and challenges.  You must enjoy being tested and taken out of your comfort zone.  You must have a desire deep in your heart, a warrior calling that can only be quenched by wilderness.  John Muir puts it this way, “The mountains are calling me, I must go.”, as well as  “When a man goes to the mountains he is going home.”  If this describes you, then we should talk.  If you have this deep “Call of The Wild” in your heart and you want to learn to be one of the best guides in the business, we need to talk.  Remember, If you do what you truly love to make a living, you will never work a day in your life!!!!


If this guide school speaks to your heart and to your true identity, we want you.  We have job placement for high level graduates.  We will also be offering an internship for select students.  We have scholarship options available for the right students.  


If you are a current professional guide and want to take your guiding skills to the next level we may have employment or schooling options for you too.  We are always looking for the best to join our team.  We would be honored to talk with you.

2021 Guide School Dates:  July 5 - August 2

School Tuition:  $6,000.00

     *A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking.