Here at Non-Typical Outfitters we have a focus on hunting one animal and taking that animal with one shot. We have developed shooting classes to help our hunters obtain the skills for that one shot kill. This class is a practice of practical field positions for effectively killing big game with one shot. It has an advanced focus on the tools needed to take your field shooting to the next level in rough mountainous terrain. This class will give you the tools to make that one shot count, whatever the terrain, the animal, or the mountain throws at you.

In today’s world hunters have built points for years, spent thousands of dollars on their gun, optics, tag, outfitter, and other equipment. You have also spent time at the range shooting in order to prepare for that one chance at the animal of a lifetime. What is often neglected are the skills to take that one shot in asymmetrical, rough mountainous terrain from an improvised rest in a very short timeframe. This is how 80 percent or more of western shots will play out.

Robb Wiley has a combined 20+ years of working in the outfitting industry in mountainous terrain, his own hunting and killing of thousands of predators, as well as his work with the top special forces units in the country. He uses this broad base of knowledge to bring these field techniques to you through our Non-Typical Shooting Classes. Robb is not only proficient at harvesting big game, but spends countless days in the winter hunting predators that requires speed, proficiency, and deadly accuracy. Every shooter who attends this class, whether you are a long range hunter, short range hunter, seasoned veteran hunter, or new to hunting, will learn the field positions that are a must for successful high mountain hunts.

This three day instructional session on practical aspects of shooting in the mountains are set in the epic mountainous landscape of western Wyoming and all accommodations are included. Accommodations are a modern tent camp with a shower and a generator for lighting and recharging batteries. Horses are used for access to the high country shooting areas. Practical field positions will be taught to you while shooting steel targets at various ranges from up close, off hand shots, to ranges out to 1000 yards. They cover moving targets, adjusting for wind, adjusting for shooting angle, advanced ballistics, terminal ballistics, how to manage your gear on the mountain, how to turn what gear you already have with you into a solid rest for 3/4 minute accuracy, among other things. During these shooting classes, Robb will be using his own rifle along with you to demonstrate these techniques.

Focus will also be on making these types of shots happen quickly. When that giant, once in a lifetime trophy, presents that one shot, speed may be essential. Whether you are hunting the high mountains, the high desert, or the low country, you will be able to take the skills that you develop in this class to become a better and more successful hunter.

"The techniques wisdom and guidance I learned at your course are a game changer and took the marksmanship skills I learned in the Marine Corps to the next level."  J. B. Ellis 

"It surpassed every expectation I had." Larry Partridge"

"My confidence has been boosted to a higher level." R.J. Smith

"…a truly enjoyable and educational experience that can benefit any hunter." Mike Trenholm

Scheduled Classes:

August 5-7, 2021   Class Status: Closed

August 12-14, 2021  Shooting Class with Riding High Ministries: Call for Details

Shooting Classes $2000.00 Per Person*

Private Classes Available Upon Request

*Clients with a booked hunt are eligible for a $500.00 discount on a shooting class.  we feel that a shooting class is one of the most important parts of preparing for a successful hunt with us.

To book a spot in our shooting class, simply fill out a booking form and send it to us along with your $1000.00 deposit.



Shooting classes are three days of instruction.  You are invited to stay at our forest camp the night before the class up until 5pm the final day of instruction.  All meals are provided during the class.  Accommodations are at our forest camp with wall tents.  Each tent has a wood stove and cots and pillows are provided.  You will need to bring a sleeping bag with you.

Bring the rifle that you are planning on hunting with.  You can learn all the techniques and positions in the class with a minimum of 50 rounds.  The average shooter fires about 100 rounds.  Some shooters have been so fired up about what they were learning that they were able to shoot up to 200 rounds during the class.    This class is geared toward hunting scenarios, so bring the things that you would for a hunt(shooting sticks, bi-pods, pack, etc.).  Please call or email if you have any questions or would like more information.