Western Wyoming Mule Deer are the top trophy mule deer herds in the country. We have a high buck-to-doe ratio, outstanding genetics and the age class necessary for trophy quality deer. This herd has produced Wyoming’s best mule deer bucks such as Popeye, Morty and Goliath; and now Magnum and Snag. Their genetics can still be seen in the herd today. There are more Boone and Crockett entries from Western Wyoming than any other area in the state. This is one of the best areas to hunt for trophy quality mule deer in North America. (more…)

Preseason scouting begins as early as November and does not end until September. It is extremely crucial to your success. Robb spends an extraordinary amount of time locating trophy animals, understanding migration routes, weather patterns, and building trails into new hunting areas in order to achieve success for your hunt. We hope you will enjoy our big game scouting galleries and articles . (more…)

Our Wyoming high desert antelope hunts are more unique than any other outfitted antelope hunt in Wyoming. You will be based out of a high country camp surrounded by 10,000 foot mountain peaks. We access the hunt area via 4-wheel drive vehicles. The Antelope units we hunt are sleeper units (off the radar units). We kill some of Wyoming’s best antelope every year and it won’t take max points to draw these units. This hunt is adventurous, challenging and yet extremely rewarding. You will not find a more authentic Wyoming trophy antelope hunt. (more…)

You haven’t seen beautiful until you’ve seen springtime in the Rockies, especially while hunting black bears! We hunt our bears over bait and spot & stalk. 98% of the bears we take are color phase (mostly brown and cinnamon). Tags for black bear are buy over the counter. The season runs from May 1st until mid June.

The preparation for a bear season for Non-Typical Outfitters begins long before our first bear hunter arrives. We pay attention to sign and tracks in the fall  (more…)

Our western Wyoming trophy cougar hunts take place after the first snow when the tracking is at its best. We hunt the lions off of snowmobile, horseback, four wheel drive, etc. Our hounds and guides hold a very impressive record for taking trophy cats. The hunt can be physically demanding so please come in top shape. This is also a great time of year to photograph and view trophy deer and elk on their winter ranges. (more…)

Wyoming Shiras Moose hunting in our area has been on the decline. It used to be very possible to set a goal for a Boone and Crockett class moose, but that is not as obtainable today. Although the genetics still exist and we occasionally do find bulls of that caliber, a disease has been affecting our older age class animals. (more…)

Sheep hunting is one of the true passions of Non-Typical Outfitters. We are committed to the 100% success of your bighorn sheep hunt. We will spend countless days in the field before the season scouting for your hunt. We’ll have pictures of the rams that we will be after prior to the season. Non-Typical Outfitters realizes that your hunt is once in a lifetime. We are more committed to the success of your hunt than any other outfitter in Wyoming. (more…)